The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance WA is an ambitious and bold project and we need the support of many individuals, organisations, groups and communities to make it a success.

We are a public company limited by guarantee and a registered charity with the ACNC.

There are a number of ways to support the museum:

Make a donation

The MFTWA has garnered financial support from individual philanthropists from across Western Australia. We welcome private individuals to provide financial support for the various components of the museum, including:

• Capital funds for the development of the museum
• Permanent and Pop Up exhibitions
• Research programs
• Marketing and communications
• Operations

Contact our Executive Officer to discuss making a private philanthropic donation.

Become a Friend of the Museum

Our Friends of the Museum program is designed to get a group of like minded individuals together to support the MFTWA with an annual donation of $5,000. Friends enjoy a number of events throughout the year, including exclusive pre-opening day access to all pop up and permanent exhibitions and our Challenged Thinking sessions, exclusive to Friends of the Museum. These sessions aim to generate discussion among Friends, with community and industry thought leaders leading interactive and provocative discussions centred on social cohesion, prejudice, discrimination and tolerance. These cocktail style events are held twice a year for Friends, presented by the MFTWA and our partners

Contact us to become a Friend of the Museum.

Become an In Visible Ink Curator

Use highlighters and post-it notes to tell a story or identify and shine a spotlight on untold stories of race and prejudice, negative and positive. We want to encourage conversations about the impact of these stories, on individuals and communities. To explore how they can play a role in reducing systemic discrimination in our society.

To access your full guide, go to the main In Visible Ink Toolkit page.

Become one of our Corporate Ambassadors

Our Corporate Ambassadors support the MFTWA through funding partnerships and in spreading the word about what we do. These partnerships are invaluable to the MFTWA and assist us to develop dynamic conversations across our community about what we want our community to be and how we can make that happen.

MFTWA’s work has resonance with many organisations that want to develop strong workplace values, community spirit in their organisations and an open and fair environment where each of their staff members feel respected and accepted.

We provide our Corporate Ambassadors with experiences, programs and events that are pertinent to their people and their organisation, creating a positive impact on the cohesion of the workplace.

We have a number of Corporate Ambassador programs which require varying levels of commitment.

To discuss becoming one of our treasured Corporate Ambassadors, contact our Executive Officer.

Pro Bono/Low Bono

Running an organisation like the MFTWA involves a lot of hard work and a lot of committed people.

If you and your organisation would like to support the work of the MFTWA by providing professional services at pro bono (services free of charge) or low-bono (discounted services) rates, we would welcome the opportunity.

We can always use the following pro-bono or low-bono professional services:

• Marketing and communications
• Graphic design
• IT
• Volunteer with us

If you would like to help, please get in touch.