The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance will partner with the Western Australian Museum to host a community symposium at the WA Maritime Museum on the art and practice of telling challenging stories to achieve social change.

“Our human compassion binds us to one another – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.”


We think that museums can make a positive contribution to the task of better understanding, sharing, engaging with and learning from our broad human story.  We want to acknowledge the many different, and sometimes challenging stories and histories of our nation, and catalyse them in recognition of the many diverse cultural narratives that comprise Australian history.

We believe strongly in building the capital of our successful multicultural community, and in supporting conditions that allow for nuanced debate on culturally sensitive issues that can inform mainstream narratives of Australian history and identity in a positive way, and according to the values of freedom, tolerance, respect and fairness.

The aim of In Visible Ink is to create a platform to amplify the stories and lived experiences of Australia’s First Peoples, migrants and refugees in meaningful ways that create opportunities to increase empathy and diversity, to address prejudice, and for truth telling, healing and reconciliation.

During our In Visible Ink symposium series, we ask: what drives the need to tell the stories of our past, and of our identity, and how do we find impactful methods of storytelling through the creative arts? What impact can our stories, and our histories of race and religion have on reducing discrimination in our society?

We hope you will join us at the WA Maritime Museum to take your place in this important conversation, about how we use our histories and stories for positive social cohesion and to come together as one during troubled times.

“It is to a completed commonwealth that I wish to belong. A commonwealth not just of states but more fundamentally a commonwealth of kin, a commonwealth of the Dreaming, of 60,000 years of civilisation. That’s the land I want to walk to, and it’s time we began the journey along the path Indigenous Australia has with grace shown us. To tomorrow. To hope.

Coming together. Working together. Making peace together. This is our indispensable task as a nation. It is our time. Let us begin ourcountry, with kindness, with courage, with the love of brother and sister for brother and sister. Let us seize the fire.”  Richard Flanagan

Draft program

Our symposium will consist of a two-day program, held in and around the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle, based around a series of masterclasses and workshops.  


We are looking forward to welcoming a range of interesting speakers to our inaugural In Visible Ink symposium.  Keep an eye on this page for updates as further speakers are confirmed!


Our symposium is being presented by the Museum of Freedom and Tolerance together with the WA Museum.  We are seeking to develop further programming and funding partnerships for the event.