In 2012, a small group of passionate Western Australians came together to express concern about a climate of increasing global unrest increasingly related to racial and religious intolerance. Throughout their journey, they found many others that shared the passion and desire to create a Museum of Freedom and Tolerance.

‘Humanity has witnessed the lasting effect of racial and religious discrimination and paid a high price to learn the values of freedom, tolerance, respect and fairness. As the world around us changes rapidly, we knew we needed to act with a sense of constructive urgency.’

Our Museum will be a very special place of significance here in Western Australia, a virtual and physical place of truth and compassion, a hub of energy and excellence for exhibits, artistic expression, outreach activities, meeting place for diverse communities and a global think tank.

We have been privileged to have the support and guidance of many experts and community leaders during its journey. Our steering committees, advisory groups and pro bono supporters have been both gurus and cheer squad and the dozens of people locally, nationally and internationally with whom we have consulted have all helped guide us in our commitment to bring this project to life.

In particular we have many advisors who are experts in museums, the psychology of prejudice, cultural design and interpretation, the theory of change, community development and program design assisting us in getting our Museum to the next stage.

This growing group of people from Western Australia and beyond who believe that inclusive, experiential and cultural-based learning is the answer to positively shaping our communities now and in the future are behind our Museum project.