The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance is constantly looking for innovative ways to work with diverse communities to increase positive representation and to foster greater empathy and cohesion by sharing, preserving and catalysing stories of discrimination into positive actions and meaningful change.

Racial and religious discrimination is becoming pervasive in our community and we believe people are key to co-creating a society where everyone can live peacefully, according to the values of freedom, tolerance, respect and fairness. We are a museum for all people, by people.  Your ideas matter – and we want to help amplify and implement them.

What is Breaking Barriers about?

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance WA, in partnership with the UWA Innovation Quarter and DrawHistory, is proud to launch ‘Breaking Barriers’.  Hosted at The University of Western Australia’s new IQX precinct on 28 and 29 July, Breaking Barriers’ is an impactful 2-day design challenge that will bring together some of Perth’s boldest pioneers and most passionate individuals to shape Australia’s first human rights museum.

Unlike other ‘hackathons’ and design challenges, ‘Breaking Barriers’ is a co-creation event that explores how we learn, share and preserve difficult and untold stories of racial and religious experiences in our society in new ways, and use them as a catalyst for change.

How can I be involved?

There are two ways to get involved in this co-creation challenge, to join the 48 hour challenge, or attend our pitch night to hear the great ideas and help us judge the winners.  Either way, you’ll be an important stakeholder in our journey.

Join as a participant and share your ideas   

Teams of up to four will self-mobilise for the event and address a design challenge related to our vision. They will each receive a Design Challenge Toolkit and have 48 hours to present a solution at the Pitch Evening in front of judges and a live audience.

We would be honoured if you would consider becoming a participant in this event. For a full rundown of the challenge, please see our slide pack.  

In contributing to shape the Museum, you will:

Help harness the stories of people facing prejudice and discrimination to promote positive social change;

Inform the work program and shape of Australia’s first human rights museum; and

Join our journey to dismantle discrimination through powerful stories

If you’re interested, please apply here.

You can apply either as an individual or a team of four.

Attend our live pitch night

We look forward to seeing you for this exciting event on the evening of Sunday 29 July, from 6-8.30pm at UWA IQX.

The event is listed on the Social Impact Festival website and a link to register at Eventbrite is below.