Thank you to everyone that participated in our pop up Human Rights Festival in Yagan Square on Sunday 9 December to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the young people of Perth! 

We enjoyed multicultural youth dance performances, a photography exhibition on the digital tower; a free play space designed around a child’s right to play and a zine-making workshop in the WA Museum container.

Our program was made possible with the support of the City of Perth, the WA Museum and the Community Arts Network, and a range of wonderful community partnerships with the WA Multicultural Association, Mica Exhibitions, Kindling Creative, the Belonging Project and Draw History.

As a museum with no walls, we reflect the open architecture of an inclusive society, popping up in creative ways, and adopting an innovative and empathy-driven approach to complex social justice issues.

Our mission is to amplify voices marginalised by systemic racial and religious discrimination, to bring people together in the interests of a more just and cohesive society and raise awareness about the impact that racial and religious prejudice can have on basic human rights.

We believe that in times of unrest and division, we need more civic spaces that unite us, to create mutual understanding and to build on the strength of our powerful first nations history and the capital of our multicultural society.

The field of human rights can be a political battleground, and it is in the interests of a well functioning society to take back the debate about our basic rights, and to celebrate the fact that they transcend race, religion, politics and geography.