Based in Perth, Western Australia, our Museum is designed to dismantle prejudice, discrimination and intolerance across Australia through programs that use social history; art, research, storytelling and values based learning to promote tolerance and social cohesion.

Our Museum’s programs are designed to reach a wide range of individuals and groups including school students, families, professional bodies, workplace teams, community groups, academics and the general public.

It is our ultimate goal to create an inspiring physical space that performs various roles aligned with our Museum’s purpose, including the following:


Exhibitions that share the stories of the persecution of Aboriginal Australians following European Settlement, and other examples of racial and religious intolerance from around the world including the story of Anti-Semitism.

Art gallery

A place to facilitate artistic expression and the exploration of ideas aligned with our purpose.

Community outreach programs

Short term, pop-up, touring and online programs focused on education and community development.

Community hub

A central safe place for organisations, communities and individuals operating in sectors relevant to the objects to converge, collaborate, converse and share.

Research centre and think tank

Addressing issues of discrimination and intolerance by hosting informative summits and forums, presenting advocacy and research to relevant government departments and organisations, and providing expert media commentary in order to initiate public dialogue on relevant issues.