Getting a project as ambitious as our Museum up and running is a lengthy and complex process.

Our development timeline is outlined below.

Phase One – Concept Development (2012-2015)

Between 2012 and 2015 we developed the initial concept for our Museum, drawing inspiration from other social change museums like the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. During this time we focused on developing the overall bricks and mortar concept, exhibition content and the kind of stories that would be told.

Phase Two – Program Development (2016-2019)

Phase Two is all about establishing a group of programs that reach our target markets, achieve our purpose, test themes and establish an evidence base for our work. This is a pilot program phase, during which we will build prototypes and refine our practices and the various elements of our programs.

Phase Three – Bricks and Mortar Development (2019 + beyond)

Our ultimate plan is for our concept to evolve into a permanent standalone facility dedicated to resisting racism, preventing prejudice and reinventing the concept of tolerance. Our vision is for a space that is both “inspired and inspiring”, somewhere that is a shared sacred legacy for all Western Australians as a symbol of the sort of community we hope to be; somewhere which has a lasting impact on all who visit our part of the world. This objective is so ambitious and audacious that we continue to explore what it may look like, to test our thinking, gain exposure, build collaborations and create community interest and support that will achieve the final vision.