The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance has been building strong foundations since 2012. We have invested in our organisational infrastructure and the exploration of several models for our further development, as well as a comprehensive precedent review and deep community consultation.

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The Touchstones Project

In collaboration with a social-enterprise expert we began our journey with a significant literature and precedent review and stakeholder consultation, followed by an initial action plan.

The stakeholder consultation in particular showed there to be strong, broad support for our Museum’s mission and ethos and that stakeholders were excited, interested and engaged by the prospect of a cultural entity focused on the issues of discrimination, intolerance and prejudice.

It was very clear that there is an immediate demand for some of our Museum’s planned programs – particularly the role the museum would play as ‘convener’ of public discourse on racial and religious intolerance, and support for the museum being a hub for organisations operating in this space and for our research projects.

Based on these consultations, we have now spent more than two years developing an evidence base for the efficacy of the planned museum concept and to ensure it is best designed to meet its purpose.

You can read the reports here:

The Touchstones project, an action plan, June 2016

One brave idea, many good voices, environmental scan, June 2015