In Visible Ink is our Museum’s flagship project. The purpose of In Visible Ink is to make stories of people and communities marginalised by race and religion visible, in order to catalyse them and inspire meaningful social change.

Never again shall a single story be told as though it were the only one.


In Visible Ink has a bold and courageous vision to amplify the visibility of stories of people and histories marginalised by race and religion in Australia, and make the invisible, visible.

Our mission is to celebrate the deliberate act of reading and listening, of making a conscious decision to ‘see’ stories of racial and religious discrimination, to engage in conversations that lead to meaningful reconciliation and to catalyse stories in the service of real social change.

Our hope is to create a safe space for shared storytelling in collaboration with our many partners, and to help our community use these stories to drive momentum towards a more socially cohesive and plural society, underpinned by the values of freedom, tolerance, respect and fairness.

In bringing together people and organisations from around the world engaged in this process, we seek to learn more about the tools and methodologies underpinning effective storytelling, so we can deploy these practices within our own Museum.

Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.


We are curating art and stories, opportunities to reflect, respond and have honest conversations about the alternative history of colonisation in Australia.

We welcome ideas for stories as well as artistic responses, reflections and calls to action that can lead up collectively from truth to a hopeful future during the 10 years leading up to the 200th anniversary of colonisation in Western Australia.

If you would like to discuss a content or financial partnership, or an opportunity to co-curate or contribute to a story, please visit the In Visible Ink website and get in touch.


In Visible Ink website

In Visible Ink has a bold and courageous vision centred on restoring visibility to stories of people and histories marginalised by race and religion. Visit the website to immerse yourself in a world of untold stories. 

Inaugural Symposium

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance was proud to partner with the Western Australian Museum to host a community symposium at the WA Maritime Museum on the art and practice of telling challenging stories to achieve social change.