Home is where we live.

Home is where we are.

Home is where we were.

Home is attached to simply being, struggling, living, growing.

Stories from Home was produced by World Press Photo Perth. The workshop was designed and delivered by Raphaela Rosella, supported by Ryan Ammon. The exhibition was curated by Raphaela Rosella and the multimedia was produced by Ryan Ammon.

“Young people from YMCA WA’s metropolitan youth services took part in a community project to identify and tell their personal stories of home, allowing them to explore their past, explain their present and/or identify the future they want to build for themselves.

In the age of screens that light our lives, we picked up pieces of our past in old printed photos that were found in drawers, not drives. We found parts of our present selves in stories we had not shared in a while, or sometimes ever. We slowed down with textas, playdough, and scrapbooks that inspired us to talk in small groups, to work on our own, to seek our story of home.

After our three sessions preparing, exploring and collecting stories of home, we spent a full week of our summer holidays with internationally-awarded photographer Raphaela Rosella, World Press Photo winner 2015.

Our stories show the complexity of growing up, not just now, but always. As we seek to define ourselves and our futures, we carry our pasts with us, not as a burden but as memories that motivate us to be our best selves. Our stories connect us across time. Our stories connect us to home. We hope you see us and some of yourself in our stories from home.”


This project was produced by Laura Strentz and Mica Pereira.  The workshop was designed and delivered by Rafaela Rosella (www.raphaelarosella.com)

The exhibition was supported by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, the City of Belmont, the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, The Base @ Belmont, Warnbro Community High School, YMCA WA and World Press Photo Perth

All materials are copyright of World Press Photo Perth.