Developing relationships with existing organisations, key stakeholders and governing bodies across the spectrum is an important feature of our Museum’s development.

During our environmental scan and design phase it became clear that there are excellent examples of small-scale direct action initiatives in Western Australia that aim to address social cohesion, however they are generally micro level, under resourced and lack a ‘community of support’.

Since our inception, we have sought to actively engage with small, grass roots organisations that deliver direct impact activities, and looked to identify how various programs can be mutually supported.

During the Touchstones Project our approach to collaboration will be further developed with the objective of developing a means of establishing a hub for these small organisations that deliver direct impact programs. Our Museum will work to provide back end support to small organisations, including access to relevant networks and services, to allow these organisations to focus on the delivery of their direct impact programs to the Western Australian community.

Collaborating with organisations with proven success in a range of areas will enable us to deliver our programs in a manner that has been tried and tested, while allowing for innovative approaches to be pioneered with our collaboration partners. Collaboration will ensure that the social return on delivering the programs is maximised and that duplication does not occur.