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The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance Western Australia exists to foster and promote the kind of cohesive society where everyone has the freedom to live peacefully alongside each other, free from racial and religious prejudice and discrimination.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the MFTWA is much more than a museum. Ultimately we are about exploring, learning, hearing stories, sharing your own tales and creating better public conversations and positive action on the issues surrounding racial and religious discrimination, prejudice and intolerance. Read more about how we do this here.

The Museum is in its second phase of development, and is working towards launching the first of its public projects later in 2017. Read more about it here.

1. Museum

2. Art Gallery

3. Outreach Community Programs

4. Community Hub

5. Research Centre and Think Tank

Thanks for stopping by. There’s plenty more to explore on our concept, the timeline for our development, program delivery and what the museum will look like. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Tolerance is a difficult word for many of us:  perhaps it’s time for tolerance to be reinvented.

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The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance WA is an ambitious and bold project and we need the support of many individuals, organisations, groups and communities to make it a success. Give us a call to discuss how you can support our work and get involved.

The Museum is in Phase Two of development. We have built a business case for the MFTWA and developed the concept in Phase One, explored alternative models to match our purpose and now we’re about to start testing different ideas for reaching our community and starting new conversations about racism and prejudice.

Come along on the journey and keep up to date with our progress by joining the MFTWA mailing list. Alternatively, keep visiting our website for regular updates or contact us.

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